Integration of countless of aspects that have resided for long in different dimensions and densities arrive through the constant Cosmic influxes of energy. These aspects existed physically in different star systems within the Milky Way Galaxy and in other galaxies.

In order to facilitate the process of integration and healing of past lives, activation of DNA and wholeness, a series of articles and long essays are provided in this section.

Tap into the potential of your soul and as the beautiful Cosmic Earth human that you are meant to become. Reach inner wholeness and peace. Feel these memories as they shine in every cell. Your heritage is vast, mysterious and beautiful, but also full of conflicts and lessons.


Thermodynamics, Metaphysics and Ecology Applied to Cosmic Polarity


Within the minds of a group of ultracosmic beings, curiosity was not lacking. They were naturally space explorers and scientists. Not everything was known to them, yet their advanced knowledge about the workings of Cosmos was both intuitive and logical. Read…


Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind

The Keys of the God-self: Introduction


To serve the light invites darkness to come from the most unexpected places. The war of ages begins in each corner of the planet and in the dusty figments of lost knowledge within the configuration of the human mind. I decide to leave once again, and enter introspection. It is time to face an ancient bomb of my own creation that travels within the fluid realms of astral and etheric layers. Read…

The Keys of the God-self: First Key


Soul retrieval holds the first key to manifestation of better dreams, better experiences, and a higher path, by consciously embarking on a true savior mission of one’s own soul. From aspects in countless timelines, first sub keys of darkness and light are revealed. Soul retrieval is the art of ascension in its unconscious or conscious first stages of prismatic Cosmic rearrangement. By learning the secrets of the worldly light and the worldly darkness the next keys are revealed. Read…

The Keys of the God-self: Second Key

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In the previous part of this essay, the first key and the nature of dreams were expounded. As I explore the gifts of my subconscious, I share with you the next keys. What exactly do we need to let go in order to align with the highest dreams of our soul? In which ways can we make peace with the apparent failure of the previous dreams explored throughout our journey that lead in the past to suffering? Do we have to conform to achieve less than what we wanted? Read…

The Keys of the God-self: Third and Fourth Keys


Disappointment. Distraction. These two factors could block us from progressing further in our path towards finding ourselves, not just as precious jewels of Creation embodied in a human body, but as souls born directly from the essence of Source itself. You feel that there is no point anymore in thinking about having big dreams in your mind. Just think about how many things you do each day, that prevent you from spending time with yourself in silence. Read…

Inner and Outer Mirrors

Harmonizing the Collective Energies of Earth in Times of Distress


A very long time ago, before we reached the point in the collective evolution of Cosmos where we stand, we were born of the basic elements, both in physical form and in spiritual form. For each experience, exploring the most basic levels of awareness in physical form, a new record in the realms of dark matter (ethers) was imprinted and permanently stored. Read…

Awareness of the Levels of Physicality and Energetic Vessel in the Next Density

Many years ago, I had the strangest experience ever. Even though I am hesitant to fully call it an ascension in my physical vessel, all points out to that condition as being a real physical ascension which is actually among our next levels of experience. It is something that happened while I was waiting on a line to pay bills. Read…

Awareness of the Particles of the Invisible Realms Through Living Wisdom

Why is it scary to know that one can bend matter and spirit in more effortless ways? Because there is still a long road towards responsibility and feeling the calling of the heart to serve Creation in a more expansive state, to be love and to give love in more authentic ways. This one, is a peaceful reminder for myself and perhaps it will uplift your spirit a bit. Read…

Expanding the Traditional View of Starseed Origins and Evolution of Cosmos

Cosmic energies bathing Earth and the entire solar system allows for the integration of our soul experiences to be felt more intensely each day. The way we assimilate such constant photonic emissions vary greatly from individual to individual. Wonders never cease and if we take a look very deeply into our soul journey, we can sense, feel, see, hear, and ultimately remember what we are as powerful beings and Cosmic Earth humans that created over lifetimes a personal universe of individual aspects through experiences. Read…

The Inner and Outer Balance Between Aspects in our Current Times:

Part I

Part II

Part III

When Outer Guidance Hinders Soul Growth

Zero Point From a Metaphysical and Psychological Combined Perspective

Healing Methods

Deep Soul Retrieval I

Deep Soul Retrieval II

The Body Snatching Problem

Introduction: The Great Squabble

The Infected DNA Problem

False Identity Disorder

Lagged Effect of Previous Cosmic Experiences

The Importance of Your Soul Vibration

Redefining Your Entanglement

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