A series of future projects aiming to assist in the completion of the massive awakening of the Cosmic Earth human includes:

A four or five volume collection of books about the physical and spiritual origins of ancestral beings that evolved to become the modern contemporary version of the Cosmic Earth human. The effort required to condense this dream into the material realm is such that this project will be completed within a span of around five years.

The books will contain collections of Cosmic short novels and in depth analysis of the physical and non-physical natural and non-natural conditions that shaped ancestral species and home worlds.

The materials presented in the books will also display ancient teachings, beliefs and study materials for the reader and an extensive collection of quotes and referenced materials from other authors from several branches, including ancient scientific works, modern essays and theories, channeled materials and much more.

A Cosmic tarot is being constructed within the consciousness of the author and artist to be manifested in the form of beautiful channeled and non-channeled watercolors with insights for the reader to use as occasional, or frequent source of inspiration and guidance.