Nature is always striving for balance. As perfect individual mirrors of nature itself, we strive for that balance within and outside in our relationship dynamics.

Social sciences are extensive in their research on human relationships. Thousands of researchers work everyday bringing forth empirical studies that correlate dynamics in relationships all around the world. However, in spiritual literature, a certain ambivalence has been present since the initial stages of awakening took place since the Harmonic Convergence when relationships are explored through these lenses.

Grounding metaphysical explorations and elimination prevalent distortions from energetic enmeshment in higher densities help clarify many of the loopholes still present in spiritual teachings.

Of greatest relevance is the understanding of our relationship to ourselves as human beings and embodied souls. Integration of concepts and shedding new light on already established notions can be found in the following materials.

Doorways from the spiritual to the physical

Oneness and Egohood: The Other Side of the Coin


As a child, perhaps you tried to create a drawing to impress your parents. Then, you faced a certain form of neglectfulness. You saw your parents being distracted enough  with all kinds of responsibilities you would not understand as to pay attention to your newly created masterpiece. Read…

Misconceptions of the Soulmate/Twin Flame Concepts in the New Age Movements


Usually the term “soulmate” has been used and expanded as to call any soul with whom we have an affinity or a certain soul lesson to learn with. The term “twin flame” is something rather more complex and there is always a question in the minds of those who have explored it of whether such concept is real or not and in which way it is valid. Read…

Awakened Generations: Inner Balance and Self Love First


Around the time the harmonic convergence in 1987 took place, the seeds for an internal revolution where planted within the consciousness of thousands in nearly every country. An increasing interest in the adoption of spiritual practices, belief systems and concerns regarding the elements that defined the status quo are part of the essentials of this global movement. Read…

Are You Sure This Is Your Soul Group?


Around the year 2012 you became hopeful about finding your soul group after reading some articles that provided some definitions and descriptions of the concept. It was a time of a huge transition for humanity. Having separated by circumstances from some old connections that you loved very deeply but who no longer resonated with your newly found soul interests, your search thus began. Read…

Highest Levels of Empathy Confused for Hypersensitivity


How many people in this world identify themselves as empaths? In one way or another every single individual holds the capacity to be an empath, independently of their set of beliefs, soul age, the way in which they exert their spirituality, or in which way they are connected to the material reality. Read…

Spirituality is Not Synonym of Applied Values or Morals

blank-card-cellphone-1851415For many years I interacted in several social networks in which thousands identified themselves as starseeds, lightworkers, indigos, crystals, otherkin etc. The end result for me was devastating more than once, and one that left me with the desire to reprogram my mind and my heart to come out of these misunderstood labels. Read…