This major gate presents fresh downloaded information from the Akashic records of the explored sectors of Cosmos.

The collective of Earth has a limited understanding of our Cosmic origins, and very often, the legacies of many species are confused and misunderstood. The grid that exists energetically on Earth is still fragmented and traumatized as a consequence of natural and synthetic evolutionary paths of our species. From this traumatized state comes the narration of stories from abundant sources that mirror the polarization and separation of souls that have been embodied in different bodies, human and non-human.

Many of the accounts presented here aim to bring more peace and healing to the traumatized collective through a new understanding of polarized species. Far from being a source of conspiracy vault, dynamics of interaction between species are told from the angles of evolutionism in physical environments and the unity that exists between all souls that have explored countless of star systems, together as a large Cosmic soul group.

Explore specific stories about life within specific star systems, lost historical accounts, connections to our current reality on Earth and much more:

Lost Pieces of Cosmic History


From the Pleiades to Draconis, immerse yourself into accounts of attempts to reunite lost soul families torn apart by different paradigms and contrasting species. Clarifications of the contributions of major races representing the light and the darkness and their formulas for completion of the grand game of polarity integration are highlighted. Angelics and demonics residing in different planetary spheres within known and less known star systems.

The links to the lost DNA strands of humanity are all found within our Cosmic species, whether we find acceptance in their journeys or ancestral feelings of conflicts emerge, all of them are important to humanity in many ways.

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