Millions of years ago, the configuration of Earth was very different to what is known nowadays, and to what is known about the past of this beautiful jewel. Even long before Pangea, other continents already existed and other Cosmic species had touched ground.

The first beings who came to Earth, were originally not the Nibiruan Anunnaki, but they do hold a connection to them. These beings did not even resemble the current Cosmic Earth human. Before the Annunaki made of Earth their home in the form of subsequent incarnations, after their arrival, some of these ancient beings had already come as explorers in other non-human forms.

However, the importance of the great arrival of the Anunnaki beings lies in the fact that they brought forth a vast vault of Cosmic DNA in the form of arks. These strands were stored in their laboratories. The stories are far from complete as to what was accomplished. Not all of these beings were malevolent, even less unconscious.

The story of an ancient group of royals is just one of many, from a larger community of beings from different species. Not all were reptilians, not all were humans, not all were felines, and not all were avians.

There have been many visitors, prior to the drama played out by the Nibiruans. Ancient astronauts from the Pleiades had already studied environmental conditions and lifeforms in different star systems, including Sol system, and specifically Earth.

Reptilian, avian, feline and other species had come to establish bases and colonies, but that part of our Cosmic history is mostly lost. Only a few scattered accounts exist from such times as told from the inner eyes and downloads from other authors.

Most of these stories will be embodied on the last volume of an upcoming series of books. However, currently, this Gate presents some glimpses of such lost pieces of ancestral history of our Cosmic Earth.

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Lost Continents Before Pangea


Before Pangea was formed as a conglomeration of lands, giving birth to an extensive territory covering most of the solid habitable extensions of Earth, other continental masses already existed.

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