From metaphysical essays on the configuration of matter and spirit to important aspects of relationship dynamics, this vault will assist you in your awakening.

Chaotic times are lived on Earth as humanity transforms in the middle of Cosmic tension. Polarization within and outside is pinpointing to the need to create inner balance for what is to come.

Psychology of dreams and previous timelines

“Diagram taken from the series Divine Dreams

Begin your inner journey by understanding the complexities of the subconscious mind and the inner power that lies dormant within the DNA through the long essays and short articles found in the gate Zero Point and DNA Activation.

Information on the nature of relationships abound, but some of the dynamics have been explained through the lenses of the higher densities, where all energies intermingle and are enmeshed in a state of soul fragmentation. Lack of a grounded outlook can be detrimental for the embodiment of the individual essence.

Other forms of information are explored and written from the perspective of the seen phenomena in physical, excluding the importance of metaphysical dynamics and leaving the reader in a state of confusion of what cannot be measured physically.


Come and release the limitations of what is understood physically and non-physically from separated dimensions of consciousness in Metaphysical Relationship Dynamics.


Add to your vault of personal understanding a little dose of astrological insights and electromagnetic dynamics of the larger celestial bodies that have a fundamental effect on our collective and individual evolution in Celestial Bodies Dynamics.