Cosmic art brings to the community of Earth some of the most relevant species that have influenced the development and expansion of physical and non-physical experiences in the known explored sectors of Cosmos.

The art presented here is classified as channeled, non-channeled, done through traditional media such as pencil, colored pencil and watercolor, as well as a blend of photography and digital art.

The authors bring their skills from their higher mind, their memories, their love for nature and contributions from other beings who come directly from the realms of dark matter, dark energy and antimatter.

Interstellar Poetry


When the ancient astronauts travel, many things can go right or wrong. Have you ever considered what happens when the wanderer comes across a different environment or a different culture? What if the stellar dream is not always what it seems when the traveler meets a different reality? Enter the Gate

Starseed Figurines and Dolls

IMG_20180125_231020From dragons to felines and unicorns, created with a form of flexible cold porcelain, paint and cloth, these figurines can assist in triggering a form of remembrance of our Cosmic roots. More figurines and dolls will be added. Enter the Gate

Channeled art

NaeyaDone through automatic drawing, this form of art comes directly from connecting to the spiritual and subconscious realms. Applied kinesiology is the fundamental means to bring forth such accurate memories, leaving behind the conscious filters of the human mind.

Most of humanity who has contact with the spiritual realms do so with active conscious filters, preventing the real appearance of beings to be recalled, seen and displayed. Our conscious mind is suited to perceive reality as something familiar and non threatening, thus limiting our view on what is not human, as being similar to human. A form that is not like the Cosmic Earth template is automatically rejected by the conscious mind.

Unlike most of what people are allowed to see in the non physical realms, what people have labeled as science fiction is less filtered than most conscious attempts to see and recall our Cosmic past.

Tuning in to automatic drawing may require years of integration and unfiltering, which is the case for Karla Crystalika. However, this ability is available to anyone with an interest in spiritual contact and accessing information from the Akashic realms. Others might be able to bring forth accurate drawings almost right away without the need for this lengthy integration process. Mostly, it is a matter of patience and devotion, and the removal of expectation. Enter the Gate


Temmer1A series of small landscapes display in great detail the beautiful realms that physically existed in our Cosmic past where countless civilizations developed. These realms still exist holographically in our DNA and the ethers and can be accessed through the gates with our lightbodies.

Remember our home worlds. Many of these landscapes include planetary spheres like Temmer, Erra and planets in the vicinity of Alcyone in the Pleiades. Andromedan homeworlds, Arcturus, and even hellish planets across the Galaxy and beyond.

Taken directly from the Akashic records and inner exploration of our Cosmic origins, now embodied in the form of colorful watercolors for the soul who misses the jewels of heavenly recalling of these home worlds. Enter the Gate