In this gate you will find some traditional astrological ponderings and tidbits of Galactic and Cosmic movements and cycles.

Our subconsciousness and soul are connected to all celestial bodies through the realms of dark matter, dark energy, antimatter and matter, by the means of electromagnetic charges and flows.

From body to body, energies flow and affect the whole and the individual paths of the people of Earth.

Explore the Dynamics

Many Retrogrades in your Natal Chart: More than Mere Empathy/Sensitivity


The awakened individual is highly sensitive and empathic towards the immediate surroundings. The presence of other people around them might overwhelm them. But what if this form of sensitivity is not just a mere condition of the aura of the awakened and instead, the core reason is deeper than what is thought to be? Read…







Black Holes as Mirrors of our Shattered Hearts


When the first image of the black hole located in Sagittarius A was released, I felt blocked to feel the joy of this accomplishment. Black holes have always fascinated me for several reasons. I am a woman of science, more than anything else, and in science I find my inner peace and my purpose in life. Read…


A Reversal of Dual Processes Called…Uranus


Not long ago I was reading a note on the mysteries of Uranus, the large celestial body. Among its unique characteristics is its spinning movement which is caused by the axis of rotation being tilted sideways. Read…


Maldek, Asteroid Belts and the Asteroids in a Natal Chart


During a short transmission, while doing research on asteroids as relevant indicators in a natal chart, I was lead to understand how the asteroid belt, along with other larger bodies like centaurs, reflect in much our fragmented soul as a global collective. Read…


The Neptune-Saturn-Pluto Dance in our Subconsciousness

adult-analogue-close-up-705868There are three planets in our solar system that have some very unique electromagnetic and etheric properties which mirror well the dance of our polarized soul at subconscious level. Such planets are the three outer planets Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. The other planets also mirror well our conscious and unconscious dynamics in the multiple realms of matter and spirit that we inhabit. Read…


Lost and Forgotten Relatives: Sol, Nibiruan System and the Pleiades (coming soon)