What is not understood now, will be understood some other day with a new sense of clarity. After a decade of purging intense timelines of separation from my system, I got to recall what felt like the continuity of a small glimpse in dream state that came to my awareness ten years ago.

It came in the form of a very beautiful dream, of stepping outside of a ship and touching pristine ground in some beautiful planet. The landscape was breathtaking, as I got to see a vast wild garden-like field, covered in grass, flowers and some trees with a few hills at a distance. As I walked joyfully on this land, I noticed something moving on the treetops and the branches. It was something that at first looked bright blue and moving. I thought at first that what I saw were blue leaves moving for some reason, but as I payed close attention, I realized I was beholding very large butterflies covering the leaves and branches of the trees, like a sanctuary. My dream ended, but after waking up, I had a strong impression that the memory was related to the Pleiades. Either I was a Pleiadian visitor with a crew, or it was a Pleiadian home world, or both.

In 2009, I joined for the first time a social network about starseeds and lightworkers. Back then, the vibration of these sites in general was a very positive one. My remembrance was sometimes very symbolic, other times it was very valuable short clear glimpses of our Cosmic origins.

I was so full of life, dreams, hopes and innocence, somehow. My heart was expanding, and I expected visitors in the form of spirit guides. I welcomed them with an open heart, and created of my personal space a sacred space.

A nightmare would only start, when I met in a social network a fallen angel, in the form of a lady whose elusive purity of heart turned into a downright spiral of darkness in my life. I met several other fallen ones, both physically and non-physically and made of my life a living hell, a real torment. It was for very strong karmic reasons. However, I wanted to leave for so long and I was left shattered to pieces. The experiences were brutal and disruptive. I fell sick for years and in a very low vibration, to the point of feeling rage and other very negative emotions on a constant basis.

Part of me is still shattered. Even so, along the way, little by little my spiritual soulmates, guides and friends began disclosing themselves. One in particular has saved my life several times and has given me the strength to continue. My dearest soul sister. When I am alone and I do not have the strength to continue, in spirit form she holds me with her love.

I am still coping with creeping depression. It has not gone away, but when I manage to release all the pain in the form of heavy weeping, I feel lighter, and I keep going in the middle of my lonely life.

However, lately, I have been told about moving on to a different direction, compared to how it has been these past 10 years. It happened during a very strange moment of remembrance. For the first time, I got to see an ancient soul family to which I belonged in plenty of lifetimes both on Earth and outside of Earth. It was perhaps, a bit “late” as I had interacted in the past with many people who, in some way, had crossed paths with this family. Had I known before, the sharing of starseed memories would have been a more vivid experience for me to ease all that confusion and pain.

But things happen for a reason, and I was told that it will make sense at some point in the future, and mostly, why I have to leave this stage. Part of the benefit of letting go and moving on, is to retrieve more Cosmic memories and to bring forth the best of the Akasha in the form of articles and future books that are already in progress. Naturally, I will continue writing here, but I am guided to move on from all forms of social media at this time. They only say it will be for the better…

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