For many years I interacted in several social networks in which thousands identified themselves as starseeds, lightworkers, indigos, crystals, otherkin etc. The end result for me was devastating more than once, and one that left me with the desire to reprogram my mind and my heart to come out of these misunderstood labels. I also got to know a warmth of heart and love in many of the people that I met along the way. What I felt was not any of these labels or mutual interests, but the truth of the human heart. Everyone is beautiful in their unique way.

Where there is lack of love at home, feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood or not accepted pave the ground for greater problems in life. Mental illness is diagnosed and not treated properly with compassion and empathy, especially self compassion and self love because such notions are missing. Only we as individuals can seek them within ourselves and never fully outside of ourselves. However, we all can reflect back to each other that love which, in essence, we are. The love is there, no matter how much we all agree or disagree about reality as it presents itself to us.

We help each other, and as we learn, we help others by showing the way to them through experience and knowledge. Without the help of counselors, professionals and spiritual guides, the task of realizing the self love within would prove to be more difficult. There is a point in which only we can complete the whole task of looking within for our inner jewels.

Diagnoses of our inner problems are coated with the labels mentioned above, often leading to other series of problems like a different type of violence that often arises in social networks and leaves sometimes deeper scars. On top of that, victimhood creeps in where people feel they are being chased by all sorts of monsters like evil governments or reptiles and demons. Not that these creeps do not exist, for many of us have our own understanding of them as essentially polarized forces of nature. They are elements that show to us where we all as a collective have failed to provide self love where it is lacking. Where there is lack of self love and understanding of ourselves at the deepest level, we attract that which we fear or do not understand, or that which wants to teach us something about existence.

In some cases, newly met connections labeling each other as soulmates, twin flames, past life connections, etc. and love bombing each other only to realize that many times such connections, independently of being past life connections or not, can lead to more repeating patterns of mutual abuse and indifference. What sometimes starts as a loving bubble of apparent spiritual mutual interests, turns into a facade of lack of self love and a real nightmare of narcissistic connections that can turn awry, sooner than the ideal desire for long lasting loving friendships and romantic partnership. Again, such patterns should be addressed with self compassion and inner self discovery. Naturally not all connections fail to meet the needs of our human heart and soul, some are fulfilling, but others bring the opposite.

To make things more complicated, the one who seeks loving connection from people who share apparently similar spiritual interests ends up in a spiral of problems and when seeking for professional counseling, they meet with a series of conditions and distortions. Some of them include the typical argument like: “This is not your soulmate or your twin flame or you have demons and reptiles attached to you” in the inability of those professionals to address the real causes of deep rooted patterns and energies attached. Such energies present a greater picture of nothing more than a reincarnational cycle of lack of love at home. It starts from the behavior of parents and siblings towards children who grow up as adults diagnosed with problems like bipolar disorder, compulsions, Asperger, etc. The rest is just history of a continuum of evolution of species, from survival to often failed attempts to come out fully of survival mode and fear that starts with domestic violence.

In some cases, many of these individuals seek inner guidance and are able to work successfully on their patterns, but most often it is a very lengthy process that takes a lifetime to complete or even more. It is not easy to break free from the unloving environments explored through the soul journey, if a certain maturity and lack of distraction is achieved. In a world of social media and entertainment, perhaps most people are unable to healthily disconnect when required from such distractions that prevent a deep review and the acceptance of inner loneliness and the transformation of such feelings into self love and self respect.

Spiritual people that we might come across in life, directly as acquaintances or friends, or indirectly as teachers or counselors, might not be what they present themselves to be. There are important lessons to learn from everyone and the recognition of our humanity. Many of these people carry just the same issues that, in one way or another, we all carry. Some cases in which lack of values become evident, stem from domestic and collective violence lived since childhood, where there was never a solid basis of love. Such values include honesty, mostly self honesty, self respect, respect for the feelings of others, flexibility, humbleness and loyalty. If parents and other older figures fail to teach to us such values, then we are presented with the opportunity to learn them through the development of empathy and self love.

Would you dare to reflect upon the above notions with enough self honesty to break free from the Neptunian illusions of the New Age of Aquarius?


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