The light of my own soul has taught me so much about existence, about life, metaphysics, history of Cosmos, along with the beautiful guidance of mostly the souls of two beloved soul connections and occasional sharing from other souls.

Lately, with the tremendous influxes of energy coming from the Galactic Center, the Great Attractor and beyond, I had been trying to place in my awareness the true origins and meaning of the concept of the One Infinite Creator.

As a collective, we might realize that humanity still has a long way before the religious distortion steps out of the natural individual brilliance of each individual living a human life.

Our current new age movements are still stained with eons of distortions coming from some very ancient historical events in which evolved group of souls would be in charge of the needs of citizens. These souls were known as “gods and goddesses” whose roles were in much similar to the roles of modern politicians. The quality of governance varied from truly loving, compassionate figures to the most obnoxious toxic forms of governance leading to suffering.

After years of doing intensive research to uncover the truth of our Cosmic origins as souls, what I have been shown is quite simple yet complex:

The everlasting spirits of the ancients is still vibrant here on Earth and elsewhere, and from these sources we can receive ancient wisdom. However, the collective ancient wounds are still present, of the times when ancients made mistakes with those they governed, and people would not develop all their potential to become creators and masters of their own destiny in their own right.

The imbalances are still prevalent and is clearly seen in the cycles of victimhood and oppression at home and in all political, economical and social institutions. In the future though, when the spirits of those who currently govern are free and connected to their everlasting source of light, they will follow the path of the ancients and become teachers and guides, as much as evolved citizens will become like the ancient masters.

If the ancients were not and are still not the creators of our souls, including several beings known as God who was not always the same male figure (seek information about Yahweh, Jehováh, Anu, and all other ancient male figures and understand in depth who these male individuals were) whose spirit or spirits still exist, then what created us?

Ourselves. From a physical context you can say that our creators are nothing more than our parents. Our soul spark develops and grows with each moment of lived experiences in physical. When we die, our soul leaves and all the information stored remains eternally and part of our soul comes back in the form of another soul spark and once again this aspect of ourselves grows with each experience.

What I was shown by my beloved soul companions in meditation is that the One Infinite Creator is not a singular being, other than the totality of our lives experiences through our soul journey in physical and non physical, all the souls that we developed as consequence of all our past lives and the totality of that energy is what becomes our Individual Universal Creator or Creatress.

ALL THAT IS or Cosmos is a different concept which can be defined as the totality of all Creators, meaning each one of us beyond what we are as human beings, but all that we have been as elementals, beings of other species, animals on Earth and other creators that we were in order to experience as much as possible everywhere.

As such, we need to remove from our subconscious the idea that there is a male god being deciding what our fate is, what our individual and collective destiny is, for the real Source of creation of souls is dark energy, dark matter, antimatter, photons and experiences. Dark energy and dark matter exists as a blank slate while  matter, antimatter and photons are imprinted with information from the experiences of Cosmos as the totality of physical and spiritual phenomena in a continuum of time and space.

At the time of birth, you already carry a package of information from your past lives in the form of invisible particles. As you live your life, your soul mass expands and when you die you are a small realized soul that can merge with the rest of your energy from your past lives in whichever form they exist.

At this time, when we receive packages of energy in the form of particles from the Galactic Core and beyond, we literally are receiving the rest of our Greater Individual Universal Soul or our own Infinite Creator. We are literally transforming in Infinite Creators of our own destiny. We are awakening to our full potential as Infinite Creators and Creatresses.

When individuals communicate with a specific entity that speaks, for example, of a Cosmic closure coming from their Infinite Creator, they are literally addressing the totality of THEIR own Cosmic Infinite Soul which is not applicable to the rest of the individuals for each individual has their own Cosmic Infinite Soul.

What in the decades to come humanity will learn is that every individual is a Cosmic Infinite Creator or their own Source of existence in a vastness of available energy to mold and expand.


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