Sometimes it is hard to see or to even imagine how globally the human collective will reach a peaceful balance in which everyone can live harmoniously with their needs perfectly met. Theoretically, at soul level, everyone has their needs already met in their own individual scheme of desired experiences and explored lessons to approach the eternal knowing of love.

More than a year ago I was shown in a vision something that I felt could be reached on the long term at a global scale, with a dose of doubt as to what I was shown. I rather not soak my mind in the sea of possibilities that provide the necessary fuel in the creation of specific predictions. However, I think this vision is worth mentioning for several reasons.


The vision in itself is something that already exists in our physical reality but the only difference between the vision and the current manifestation of such vision is the imbalance of the present paradigm.

The shadow of Oneness vs the shadow of individual expression

In the first part of this vision, I was shown how there is this dark spot within the human collective where the power is or was concentrated as a consequence of a subconscious desire of the collective for Oneness in a state of entropy. In this chaotic state, deep wounds determine the movement of such dark spot. The dark spot is not necessarily fixed but is expressed as the collective thought form that only a small single group of individuals retain the power of manifestation of the collective in physical. In this way, the illusion that only this single group owns the power of the collective exists and is perpetuated.

Not long ago it would seem as if, as part of the balancing process, the collective of people who desired Oneness was in some way subconsciously feeding the idea of a New World Order in which, in one way or another, dominant belief systems would be established and this single dark spot would make the decisions. Even if consciously people did not intend for such outcome to be manifested, it was the collection of individual subconscious wounds what was feeding this outcome.

Currently this tide has been reversed in such a way that now we see how in many regions of the planet certain nationalist movements in the political arena are expanding, which are less supportive of the original idea of a unique culture, a unique system without boundaries where only the single spot would govern this uniform society. The current focus is more on placing barriers to prevent an imbalanced Oneness to take over.

What this all means is that collectively we are fluctuating between old timelines and paradigms in which we are basically trying to find a new balance between Oneness and individual expression.Such process brings forth the subsequent set of problems related to the still prevailing lack of mutual understanding between the needs of groups who desire to preserve certain cultural, social, religious and economic paradigms, the fight for resources and defining territory as the needed homeland. The root of such problems extend back in time to societies outside of Earth.


Before a new balance can be reached, a certain degree of collective and individual healing is still required to reach a consensus between how much people desire to:

-Share physical resources through different economic, social, religious and cultural means.

-Share ideals, beliefs, doctrines both in their individual lives and collectively.

-Allow for small regions, countries and continents to continue cultivating hybrid systems and reach more uniformity or instead to preserve the uniqueness that defines such regions, countries and continents.

-End conflicts by reaching a higher understanding of the mutual needs of apparently different groups and step out of blaming games.

-Redefine consumer patterns and production means through individual and collective balance.

I personally see a great potential that goes beyond the unique desires of each individual to focus or to stick to certain life styles, ideas, belief systems and even physical and non-physical manifestation potentials.

There is instead the potential to acknowledge Oneness while at the same time being respectful of differences in life styles, economic wants and needs, culture, philosophies, belief systems and acceptance among groups with unique DNA configuration. We often fear what we do not understand or what we think might threaten our existence.

When we think that something has to be eradicated instead of being brought to balance and to acknowledge any positive aspect of it, then we contribute further to the chaos and imbalance that exists in our world.


Going back to the vision, in the second part I was shown how reality is fractalized in such a way that taking as an example food markets, a possible scenario of peaceful balance could be manifested:

Major retail stores as we already know them selling and promoting more natural products coming from diverse regions of the world, expanding the supply. Fair prices and fair conditions for sellers and employees. Beautiful modern designs in such major stores with elegant natural concepts making the buying experience a very pleasant one like visiting a museum. Some places already exist but there would be more expansion of such food markets to other regions where they are non existent and where people have less access to such products and less income.

Beautiful balance in small food stores fortifying local markets and good logistics, not in conflict with the major retail stores.

No more problems with harmful chemicals in agricultural products or unfair treatment towards animals, no unfair commerce and more cleanliness.

Major companies can then coexist with smaller business with the goal of becoming the larger cultural, social and economic expressions for the collective while respecting the smaller regions and producers and creating balance between products of diverse countries.

Currently it is difficult to approach such vision when there is so much work to do to bring peace and balance to this world. More and more this vision is manifesting in several places though, at least in steps.

Hybrid systems are being created that allow for people to use more diversified digital/virtual forms of money, but in a world where the needs of people are very diverse then physical mediums of exchange are not sacrificed to bring forth fully such systems that are not applicable to certain places, especially very poor regions. Others find new solutions in fair barter. More balance in the economy and in the lives of people.


The splendor of Earth is the possibility for different physical manifestation potentials to coexist peacefully without the eradication of any aspect or paradigm that can contribute in positive ways to the collective.

What prevents us as a collective society to reach such balance in which Oneness is not in conflict with individual expression?

Our feelings of inadequacy, of not being valuable enough, of not being understood or feeling like our voice is not powerful enough. That others have more power over us or that our decisions do not affect the collective. That we are not loved enough, or accepted for who we are. That we are always different from the rest of the world in such a way that we cannot fit. That we wish sometimes that we were not different or that we wish that we could be the best of ourselves with our unique differences.

Elevate these feelings to the collective level and see then why there is not always a consensus or harmony between families, regions, countries and ultimately as a planet. Even those people that you label as dark ones carry such feelings within and are not acknowledged to be human beings with the potential for change within their hearts.

Now let me tell you something else. Go back to the notion of a dark spot or a global group of control and think how everyday people project their feelings of disempowerment towards this group of groups and how the individual shadows of people feed this dark spot further and further. People do not even know exactly how many individuals make up this dark spot or if the people from ancient times who were labelled as the dark ones still have an influence. It is in my understanding that many of these ancient people are not even holding any power positions and some are even going through healing and fulfilling positive roles but the ancient wounds remain.

Redistribute this power in such a way that each individual becomes fully responsible for their own creations, their own feelings, their own thoughts and in some way or another can open up new paths for better individual expression. A burden would then be lifted from the dark spot, shrinking it and allowing for more balance to happen.

In the next part of this essay, the current healing, integration and merging of aspects of each individual is explored in the context of ascension.


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