This article is an extension or a complement for the long essay “Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind” which contains additional notes from a simple astrological/archetypal perspective (See post Divine Dreams in Zero Point and DNA Activations).

The three celestial bodies and basic archetypes

There are three planets in our solar system that have some very unique electromagnetic and etheric properties which mirror well the dance of our polarized soul at subconscious level. Such planets are the three outer planets Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. The other planets also mirror well our conscious and unconscious dynamics in the multiple realms of matter and spirit that we inhabit.

First of all you might ask, what is the relationship between the movements of the spheres that make up the solar system and ourselves as individuals? Every planet has a set of physical and energetic qualities that together make up a system in which each part influences the other parts.

Compared to the proportion of the planets, physically and energetically, we are very tiny. We are bound to Earth by her gravity, her own electromagnetic and etheric fields and her ecosystems. The other bodies that surround her also have their own qualities, and their masses and etheric dynamics are large enough to influence each other. On top of that, the rotation and passage movements of each body create special flows of energy, affecting each other throughout time. Planetary movements and the celestial movements of larger or smaller bodies and the characteristics of these can be used as a reference to understand our own dynamics. Reality is like a fractal.

Outer planets
The planets of the solar system and their archetypal meanings.

Physically speaking and in terms of archetypes, let us take a look at some basic information about the three large bodies that mirror the way our thought processes are generated:

Neptune is one of the large outer planets of the solar system with an aqueous surface and gaseous atmosphere. The chemical composition of the gaseous-aqueous substances gives to it its characteristic light blue color. Blue is often associated to the spiritual, that which cannot be seen, the sky, high above the ground. The archetypal role of this planet in astrology is to represent the spiritual nature of the individual soul and the collective, the dream world, the lack of boundaries, the illusions, delusions and addictions and spiritual unity.

Saturn on the other hand is a dense aqueous-gaseous planet with a different chemical composition made of a hard metallic core, a liquid surface and yellowish atmosphere. It is well known for its rings which is a result of the destruction of one or more of its moons. The yellowish color can be compared to the material world and power, in all its forms. Its archetype is one of much discipline, sometimes harsh, austere, hard work and the concept of time.

Pluto is the last official large body orbiting the Sun, which has been debated over time to be a planet or simply a dwarf object. It is rocky in composition and its archetype is one of death, transformation and the subconscious.

Based on these essentials, you can start getting an idea on how these three bodies mirror well our conscious and subconscious nature.

Dreams, desires and hopes and the three celestial bodies in a chart

In the middle of my personal evaluation and re-evalulation of dream generating process, I realize that I am ready to let go more than before so many of my old ideas, dreams, desires and hopes, based on timelines playing within my subconsciousness. I was able to remove some etheric attachments and start seeing more clearly how some old dreams were indeed based on unfulfilled desires of the past. Some were simply based on conflicting situations that had left the desire to manifest the same dream all over again and see if this time it would work out well. We know somehow that this is not how it works. If the same wounds are carried and are being played out over and over again then it is more than obvious that the dream will collapse and taste sour.

Manifesting dreams

On top of that, sometimes our dreams might carry a whole burden of ancient promises that were never fulfilled and of either imposed social pressures or self imposed pressures of all kinds. Take as an example the idea that, if you do not excel in your activities maybe you are being stripped away from your dignity. If you do not have the partner of your dreams or other relationships of your dreams, you are not a dignified human being. If the ones who you want to be with are not there with you, then you are unfulfilled. If things look chaotic outside then there is no peace within your mind and your heart. If you do not look the way you want to look then you are not worthy of yourself or of others. If you do not have enough money then you cannot have joy at least for a moment during the day.

Notice then how we are the first ones to impose limitations on ourselves when subconsciously we feel forced to have certain things in our lives or to live under certain circumstances. Otherwise, we are not valuable enough, not worthy enough, not integral enough, and ultimately not whole enough.

So go ahead and go back to your dreams, to your hopes, to your desires, and make a list of how much are these dreams colored by the above limitations and pressures within your own soul.

-Are you sure you desperately need what you crave for?

-Are your dreams realistic and compatible with your current reality?

-Can you create a bridge to take you from your current reality to the reality that you crave for?

-Are your desires taking away your peace of mind and heart in the now moment?

-Do your hopes and desires for the future prevent you from enjoying the potential of oy in your present life?

This is the turning point where you start seeing how you move down from the purely Neptunian mindset of dreams, higher realms and illusions, into the Plutonic realms of death of old limiting ideas, old programs, limitations, loss, and despair through the gates of Saturnian discipline and hard realistic work of what you must do to manifest better dreams. Or you are guided to let go old dreams that now you know are no longer in your higher interest to achieve.

You do not have to be an astrologer to get the basic notions of this article and its previous parts, but I do find astrology to be an excellent complementary tool to understand our soul path, our subconsciousness, our deep wounds, the possibilities for future manifestation of dreams and the way in which we can bring forth our talents to manifest in the physical.

You can ask for guidance from an astrologer to help you see in which areas Neptune, Pluto and Saturn are present in your chart and work more consciously with these influences in your life path.

What is important is to allow the current energies to transform you and reach a new balance in your life. A merely Neptunian mindset without going deep enough into your subconscious, will only cause trouble, disappointment and confusion. A purely Saturnian existence would be a life full of sober routine, an austere one without joy and playful manifestation.

Within the now moment is the potential for radical transformation, empowerment and new tools for a more fulfilling existence, unlike one of constant longing, never fulfilled dreams and eternal expectations of something that might or might not happen the way we wish it happened in our lives and outer circumstances.

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