(All credit goes to the artist, unknown)

In the previous post, an experience of how it is like to live in the next level of physical existence, closer to an energetic state that feels like a new kind of freedom, with more responsibility in the use of energy and the soul potential to create, was shared.

At that point, there is a connotation of science, of what matter and spirit are made of. But, why is it hard to reach such state of awareness? Why is it scary to know that one can bend matter and spirit in more effortless ways? Because there is still a long road towards responsibility and feeling the calling of the heart to serve Creation in a more expansive state, to be love and to give love in more authentic ways. This one, is a peaceful reminder for myself and perhaps it will uplift your spirit a bit.

In the wrapping up of our lessons chosen by our soul throughout our journey, before anchoring fully into this new paradigm, we need to become the living wisdom of a purest form of love. It takes a long time to achieve. After going through the flames of purification, a true calling to service begins. A service in which the most beautiful values of our human existence are felt in the heart, the heart of selflessness. A heart that no longer knows about control, about the desire to change what feels wrong, but instead, a heart that is filled with wholeness and full acceptance of what is perceived. There is no longer a desire to fight for a cause, but instead, the only cause is to share the talents, learnt over lifetimes of experiences.

This is then, what grants us that true power to be a soul god/goddess. Not like the ones that our history tells us about in separation paradigms and conflicts. A soul with pure knowledge is no real god/goddess, when such knowledge has not reminded us what this true freedom is about.

For the soul, there is no waiting, no desire to change anything, only to add up to what exists, a drop of true love. Letting go is then the key. When we are called to let go everything that we were holding on to, we realize that there is nothing to lose anymore, and that nothing was ever lost, no lost battles, no lost time. We go back to the heart and when we least expect it, we have changed in unimaginable ways, even if not much has changed on the outside in the way we used to want for ourselves and for others. Sometimes, the changes that we want for others might not be what they need, and only in the depths of our heart and our soul, can we really know what Creation needs from us.

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