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Many years ago, I had the strangest experience ever. Even though I am hesitant to fully call it an ascension in my physical vessel, all points out to that condition as being a real physical ascension which is actually among our next levels of experience. It is something that happened while I was waiting on a line to pay bills. My crown was much more open than usual, and I just decided to do this exercise of imagining people being connected through their crowns to the Source, being Source the invisible energies that surrounds us.

For hours, I was finally feeling clearly what a Oneness in a state of individual balance is about without losing oneself in it. It feels like you are literally surrounded by a stable “gel-like substance” and you are moving through it all the time. It is fluid, very fluid, but at the same time it can feel much more solid than water!!! Like gel!!! But also not so heavy as a gel. Then when you ask this substance for love, the gel compresses on your aura and permeates your whole being and then it can speak to you if you open yourself telepathically, to this macro-level.

The scary part comes from knowing that with one thought you can do a lot, transcend the laws of space and time and also the cycle of reincarnation, as crazy as it sounds. So at this level, in our current condition, one must still surrender to our transformation and find the balance by healing and integrating ourselves, in as many timelines as possible. However, you can really see that you have your own will to move through this gel substance and do miracles like the real individuated little god/goddess that you are, but at the same time if you ask Source to guide you to the Highest Will of your God-self, you will be guided and somehow even moved by the substance.

The substance has a name in the world of science: it is called dark energy and dark matter, and dark energy is connected to matter by dark matter, while anti matter is like a “gate” to bring matter back to a balanced state. I had this realization in such altered state between pure physicality and pure spiritual/energetic state.

It was discovered that dark matter is made up of very heavy particles that cannot be seen, when you feel the gel substance you will see that this is true, it does feel very heavy but also very light for the body to move through it. Water in a sense is much more dense but it is a different kind of density. I could see more clearly what is being said about densities, when you feel the gel, you can move at will through it, but going higher would lead to physical change in such a way that the physical body literally ascends and merges in this gel, de-materializing but not precisely like the death we know about. You can see what really the Matrix is made up of, which is nothing more than spirit itself and matter in a state of chaos.

This experience is not to be confused with an astral projection or OBE, because this is really an experience that I had for hours in my physical vessel, consciously. I could sense so much more clearly all the energies floating in this gel like substance which is so stable, while the energies are a bit denser, like fish swimming in the ocean. In this sense, it shall not be confused either with the experience of merging with the Light, without an awareness of the difference of vibration between beings. In this state, dark and light are perfectly balanced so you are not merged with everything else in a single state of blissful vibration. It is very different.

In my inability to hold on to this power of the soul, to anchor myself permanently in this state of reconnection with my body to what people call the Higher Self, out of fear of using the true power of the mind, I had to bring myself back to this density of physical experience in an non integrated state. I loved that feeling, of being more merged with all energies of my Greater Self, without having to merge with the energies of other people, or if such thing happens, it is done at will with full control, always staying in your pure soul vibration and clearly feeling the soul vibration of another.

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