Not all is what it seems in the realms of dark matter and dark energy (aka ether). Perhaps you are among the so many thousands of people who have encountered some pretty large specimens in the ethers, that look creepy or horrible in the worst cases. Very likely you felt threatened or at least confused by their presence. Maybe you saw them in nightmares. What I will share with you will blow your mind, because not all is what it seems.

One night, I had this horrible nightmare in which my mom and me saw these huge silvery threads with darker lines that looked liked the perfect thread to knit a nice party dress for grandma. It was just unbelievable and creepy to see the furniture partly covered with such cobwebs and not been able to walk without coming across some.


Then, I became aware of the presence of a very large spider that was the size of a cat, with huge head and grey white patterns on its large body. I felt so disgusted and afraid and my mom was also disturbed, so I began planning fast how to get rid of the menace. I grabbed a broom and attacked the spider with fury, only to realize the spider was too intelligent and somehow managed to escape the attacks, and approach me quite fast. The next moment, I just know the spider bit my feet, and the bites were so painful that I was perhaps death the next moment, I just woke up feeling the dread.

I asked spirit, why did I have this dream. All of a sudden, I received this transmission:

“I attacked you because you attacked me. We could have reached some sort of agreement in such a way that things would not have ended so bad. I was not a menace to you and your mother, I was just living in your house, not knowing that I was bothering you both.”

Ok, at this point maybe you think, but it was too large and scary and intruding, so maybe in that lifetime who knows where (because it was actually a memory and the spider was not from Earth), there was no better outcome, or like she said, I could have managed to take her out without all that drama and attacks leading to death.

What came next was even more mind blowing. The female spider told me that she would integrate into the vessel of my cat. Yes, you read right, my cat. It turns out, the creepy spider was an aspect or past life of my beloved little beautiful girl in cat form.

So you see then, not all is what it seems. Next time you come across a horror in astral/ether, ask your heart and the being or beings, why they show up and what is their message. Sometimes, our most beloved companions are the ones who teach us the toughest lessons.

Have sweet insectoid dreams.


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