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During a short transmission, while doing research on asteroids as relevant indicators in a natal chart, I was lead to understand how the asteroid belt, along with other larger bodies like centaurs, reflect in much our fragmented soul as a global collective. Not only can we say that each asteroid reflects a theme in our soul journey, collectively speaking, but also as individuals, each asteroid mirrors a specific experience or set of experiences throughout our history on Earth.

A very long time ago, when large groups of people came to explore the solar system, among the first planets to be colonized was the large body known as Maldek. Some history has already been written about this planet and a large scale that took place, shattering this body into small pieces. Since this war took place, the causes of large scale conflicts echo in our consciousness. A war is made up of many elements. It is not just a mere power play in which resources are involved, but each participant in a war has a story to tell.

We also have other large asteroids near Mars, as well as the Kuiper’s belt outside of the range of the outer planets. Trojans are the ones moving near Jupiter.

We can examine the topics through the calculation of a natal chart of the asteroids that mirror part of our consciousness and soul journey.

Asteroids like ISIS might tell us that before group conflicts take place in a family or institution, there is the need to reintegrate many of the lessons from such experience with a community, like for example the Isis paradigm of mystery schools in Egypt, before brutal conflict took place among its rulers.

Asteroids like Valentine, Amor might tell us the kind of love that we must master in all kinds of complicated situations, like the kind of true love that was not accepted, and that can be in some way the origin of a war in a community.

Asteroids like Tyche, Fortuna and Part of Fortune, can tell us in which ways we can do positive contributions that might seem to bring good luck in our lives and the lives of others, when possibly in ancient times there might have been a selfish purpose in the way we did things.

By understanding the conflict behind each asteroid, we can bring forth a better future, healing thus the set of conflicts that lead to war and destruction of worlds like Maldek.

Have Maldekian dreams.

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