I very much love analogies about how we all carry the heavy burden of a cross on our back. The reason is because life is a bittersweet experience that demands from us to understand love in limitless forms and angles, and sometimes it comes in the form of self sacrifice. There are three analogies that always come to my mind and very likely you will identify yourself with them, even more at this time of intense healing and transformation.

One time a friend told me that she imagines how we all walk a path in a straight line carrying a cross on our back.

Another friend told me that we only have to stretch our arms and see our shadow to see how crucified we look.

Finally, an aunt shared a short story with me that goes as follows:

A man was carrying a cross and told Jesus that he could not carry his burdens anymore, that if he could lift his cross.

Jesus said: Of course my dear child, please come with me and look at this field full of crosses and choose one that you might feel more comfortable with.

The man tried carrying several crosses, thinking that maybe one of them could fit his path but the end result was always the same. He did not feel better with any of them, until he stumbled across one in particular.

Man: Oh dear Jesus, this cross in particular seems to fit my shoulders and my back, it feels just a little better compared to the other ones I tried.

Jesus: Very well my dear child but take into account that the cross that you have just picked is the very same cross you came here with, asking to exchange for another one.

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