Leviathan by Zeeksie at deviantart.com

Some time ago I had a dream that carries a very simple message and wisdom of nature. We as humans, tend to learn at times the hard way, to the point of risking our own lives in unnecessary ways and at its worse, the lives of children. To our fortune, in our current times of harmonization in relationships, including the animal kingdoms, as we become less threatening and stubborn, nature reacts the same way. But a degree of respect is always necessary.

This dream enfolds in the scenario of a large swimming pool. A large group of people of all ages, including elderly ones and children were joyfully enjoying of a casual moment in the waters of this large pool. However, at a distance, I observed and saw that a very large Leviathan-like being was lurking beneath the waters. The large being was dark, perhaps black, with smooth skin, a long neck, and large body with a tail. The being had some large thin limbs, with what looked like hands without fingers.

I had this very uneasy feeling that it was very unwise for people to swim in this pool without any respect for this large animal who was in fact, owner of this pool. Just as I thought, the animal did display movements of uneasiness, showing discomfort, to the point in which he clapped two of its long limbs and extremities with such strength, and at the moment the hands touched each other with such fury. What came next was a dreadful electric discharge that spread in such a way that the fate of the people swimming was of fatal proportions.

What a sad dream, but one that in many ways confirms that nature will harm when it feels that there has been an invasion and a lack of respect.

Behold with reverence and respect all expressions of Nature my beloveds.

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