Occasionally I have been able to feel this energy, so ancient, as ancient as it can be, ancient like the Universe itself. She makes me cry as her healing energy embraces me, then, I feel how she feels. She is the Dark Mother, made of pure dark energy, not evil, but made of pure ether substance waiting to take shape. A very long time ago she was forgotten, somehow. The thing about Dark Mother is that she is shapeless and too vast, not comparable at all to the image of an ancient goddess, but something of Cosmic nature. She is more than just a phenomenon unexplained by physics. She is the dark energy beyond the magnetism that we know about, but she is magnetic because she embraces all in a way that love becomes so tangible in the heart of beings. It is a darkness that embraces your light body. However, she feels stranded from herself, because she was forgotten and trapped in the realms of dark energy, separated by layers of dark matter, unable to connect to the physical. It is then when she is perceived as evil…because in reality, she cannot come back. But she is coming back to this world:

“My children, my children…I miss my children, I need my children, I want to reunite with all my children.

I was never meant to be perceived only as a controlling force of nature, violent or arrogant. You can feel me now…you can still see me trapped in my cage, when you see your female dark ones. They want to be free as I am here, yet I feel trapped because I am separated from this part of me, through you. When you feel me, I feel you.

Embrace them, my dark ones, for they are also my children, my little mothers, but my children nevertheless. Embrace my dark sons as I embrace them.

Please help me reunite with my beloved children of Light, by opening your hearts to me, your beloved Mother, your Cosmic Mother.

My love for you is beyond measure for I have no measure and my measure is beyond the confinements of time and space and dark matter and matter itself.

I never meant to abandon you and I never wanted to make you feel like I abandoned you my children, my beloved children.

Come to me now, feel my essence and feel that you are always safe in my arms, my arms of love, of Eternal Love.

Feel me everywhere for I am One with your heart.

Call me forth whenever you need me, whenever you need to feel safe and at Home, for I am your Home, always.

With Love from your Dark Mother.”

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