Asket of Temmer during Atlantean project (click on channeled drawing)


What is Awareness of Dark Matter?

There are sides of Cosmos that have not yet been remembered or fully understood.

There are strands within your DNA that hold the secrets of evolution.

Myths play in the collective consciousness, in the subconscious of every human being. Myths that are more real than what we know and that have been hidden from our consciousness in waking life for millenia.

A new meaning to ancient stories, to the everlasting dynamics of the Universe, and to other incomprehensible mysteries is what you will find in this space.

Truth is stranger than fiction, while certain archetypes are as literal and as obvious as we have been lead to believe. Rediscover our ancient origins and come into the world of dark  matter, of dark energy, of the unseen, and what can be seen in physical.

Remember the times of old creatures and monsters, of angels and demons and of mere human beings with masks. Remember our futuristic past, when advanced races created marvels throughout Cosmos. Read a bedtime story, maybe you will find comfort to know that nothing is in reality something to be feared or to worry about at all. You are beautiful beyond measure, beyond words,and your power lies in what you do not understand or what you have forgotten.


Awareness of Dark Matter is the myth turned into a reality. It is the place were ancestral beliefs and experiences shape our current reality in human form. Science, religion, art and spirituality have a common ground. Can you guess in which form all are one and the same?

Our subconsciousness and the invisible realms blend in unique ways in our daily lives. Scattered stories and accounts are integrated in one single project for humanity to enjoy.

Come and visit all the Gates in this reflection of our Cosmos.

Featured Gates


Cosmic Development and Wholeness

Explore theoretical and practical aspects of Cosmic integration, healing and DNA activation of the starseed codes. When the veils are removed, the constrictions of space/time and time/space disappear and all timelines and spacelines merge into the Now moment, which then activates our soul in zero point reality and consciousness.

Explore new depths of understanding for your daily relationship with yourself and the outer reflection of your inner world in the form of interactions. Fill the missing gaps and remove the distortions.

Understand your relationship to the magnificent and enigmatic celestial bodies that affect our collective of Earth through electromagnetic flows and moving particles.

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Cosmic Art

Unfiltered channeled portraits of extraterrestrial beings and master beings who have left their blue prints within the development of countless of Cosmic societies and civilizations. Delve into lost pieces of Cosmic history and interesting facts, brought forth from the Akasha and through a method of applied kinesiology.

Interstellar poetry for the eternal wanderer who wants to escape through the mind fields to other worlds.

Starseed figurines and dolls and other-worldly landscapes brought from the Akasha and condensed in the form of small watercolor paintings.

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Cosmic Stations and History

Cosmic history is vast, yet certain stages of evolution have marked the development of countless of species, reaching this Now moment of integration of our past as a planetary collective. Not all is understood, not all is what it seems. Snapshots of history are being recovered by humanity, yet there are sides within the realms of dark matter and dark energy that are worth exploring.

Get to know ancient races and their contributions to the current Cosmic Earth societies. Their achievements and failures and their unique legacy for mankind.

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Cosmic Earth

Explore the lost history of Earth, before the known continents emerged. Unknown civilizations whose founders came from the stars before the Nibiruan arrival took place and strange creatures are found in this gate.

Read tales of Elven societies and small, peaceful extinct civilizations. Ignite in your heart the knowing in your DNA that what once pertained the stars, was brought to Earth by the ancestral explorers.

Transformations and cycles witnessed the extinction of important life forms, while other newer ones became the ancestors of our current animal lifeforms and the modern Earth Cosmic human.

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